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Sunday, 02 September 2012 03:18

Golden Eagle Trust Ltd

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Golden Eagle Trust (GET) is a charity registered in Ireland (CHY 14770) that specialises in research, monitoring and re-introduction.

Founded in 1999, the GET is dedicated to the conservation and restoration of Ireland's native birds and their habitats, in particular declining, threatened, and extinct species.

The GET manages reintroduction programmes for golden eagles, white-tailed eagles and red kites, in partnership with the National Parks and Wildlife Service. The GET's main aim is to restore, enhance and maintain threatened and extinct native Irish bird species and their habitats through;

  • (i) creative and pro-active conservation management;
  • (ii) practical conservation research; and
  • (iii) imaginative education and public awareness schemes.

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    Sunday, 02 September 2012 03:18

    Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA)

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    NIEA is an Agency within the Department of Environment with approximately 800 staff.

    We take the lead in advising on, and in implementing, the government's environmental policy and strategy in Northern Ireland. We carry out a range of activities, which promote the government's key themes of sustainable development, biodiversity and climate change.

    We aim to be recognised as the leading body responsible for protecting, conserving and promoting the environment and heritage in Northern Ireland and are working towards four long term environmental outcomes:

  • the sustainable use and protection of our natural resources
  • improved conservation and management of our natural heritage
  • improved conservation and protection of our built heritage
  • better public awareness and understanding of the environment

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    The NIEA Natural Heritage Grants Programme (NHGP) has part-funded the development of this raptor database through a grant awarded to the NIRSG and Golden Eagle Trust Ltd.

    Sunday, 02 September 2012 03:18

    Northern Ireland Raptor Study Group

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    The Northern Ireland Raptor Study Group (NIRSG) is a volunteer organisation that exists to promote the knowledge of raptor biology and populations through volunteer field-based research, working in partnership with landowners, industry, statutory agencies and non-government organisations.

    The NIRSG key objectives are:
    • to study, research, survey and monitor raptors (birds of prey) across Northern Ireland
    • to encourage the conservation of raptors in Northern Ireland and elsewhere
    • to provide information on breeding raptors to relevant statutory and non-statutory bodies in Northern Ireland
    • to raise the awareness and profile of all native raptor species and the issues facing them
    • to inform and assist the protection and wildlife agency (NIEA) and the police (PSNI) regarding suspected illegal persecution of raptors
    • to collaborate with other researchers and research organisations to develop our raptor research and monitoring programmes

    What we do:
    • Annual peregrine population study
    • Monitoring studies of other raptors particularly hen harrier, merlin, buzzard, kestrel and buzzard populations
    • Ringing of nestling raptors
    • Reporting and identification of raptor persecution in NI, including liaising with the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) who is responsible for investigating reports on suspected wildlife crime
    • Working with the quarrying industry in protecting biodiversity
    • Liaison with forestry managers to protect nesting raptors
    • Rescue and rehabilitation of injured raptors
    • Assisting scientific work with other research organisations and universities